Pokémon Uranium
Game Information
Creator: Team Uranium
Region: Tandor
Base: Pokémon RPGMaker
Language: English
Download Link Mediafire,[1]

This page is very outdated.

Pokémon Uranium is an English Pokémon hack created by Team Uranium. The game stars a thirteen year-old kid, who's mother died ten years ago, and who's father is a Pokémon Ranger travelling the world.

The game takes place in the region of Tandor, where there are many Pokémon, new and old. You are hired by Professor Bamb'o to travel the region and inquire data on all these different Pokémon.

Official DescriptionEdit

Welcome to the region of Tandor, where warm breezes sweep through quiet towns and waves lap at sandy beaches. Tandor is known, among other things, for its robust and slightly different Gym Challenge, where Pokemon trainers travel the region to collect six gym badges and compete in the Tandor Regional tournament, held once a year. This tournament, one of the longest-running in modern Pokemon history, is also renowned as being one of the most difficult. The honor of being Champion is one of the most sought-after in the Pokemon world.

And, you? You weren't interested in all that at first-- you're just a thirteen-year-old kid leading a thirteen-year-old life. After your mother Lucille was killed ten years ago in a meltdown at a nuclear power plant,and your father, an experienced Pokemon Ranger, has left you with your great-aunt and departed to travel the region. But your Aunt can't support you any longer, and so you're forced to leave home. Fortunately for you, opportunity knocks at your door.

Professor Bamb'o, regional expert on Pokemon elements, has been looking for a trainer assistant to travel the region and gather specimens of the varied wildlife. You, along with an eleven-year-old named Theo that you've known for most of your life, step up to the challenge. After receiving your starter Pokemon, you head towards your first gym badge in Nowtoch town, and your first steps exploring the Tandor region.

Things aren't as sunny as they first seem, though. Just when everything regarding the accident ten years ago in which you lost your mother seemed certain, new developments begin to emerge. A new power plant is contracted to be built over the site of the old one. Your father begins acting strangely, journeying to the far areas of the region and questioning whether your mother really is dead. And amidst all the turmoil, it seems that a great impending disaster is looming over Tandor...

It seems you may be in for more than you bargained for.


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